CMT Presents "Bonnie & Clyde"

Last weekend, Clark Musical Theater (CMT) put on its fall production: “Bonnie & Clyde”. 

"Bonnie and Clyde’s gun wielding tirade happened during the Great Depression era,” said Director Andrew Garret Karl as he explained the show. "At the height of this era, one in every four persons was unemployed, and relied on measly government handouts in order to feed starving families. What has fascinated me most about working on this production is the ethical murkiness that comes from exploring 'dark' times in our American History. Who was right? Whose cause was just? The ultimate thrill of directing this piece is to know that we are still asking these questions of ourselves and our countrymen at this very moment. The 14 lives that Bonnie and Clyde took, plus their own tragic end, were an immeasurable loss for the loved ones left behind, but it can be argued that their deaths were a sacrifice to the struggling American people who simply wanted their lives to be full and their voices to be heard."

The show follows Bonnie and Clyde through their spontaneous adventure and whirlwind romance. From Clyde breaking out of jail, (twice, once with the help of Bonnie and her gun), to the duo convincing Buck and Blanche Barrow to run out with them as they plan jobs everywhere from gas stations to banks, the story took many exciting turns.

The leads were played by Matt Freeman, class of 2020, as Clyde in his CMT debut, as well as Jacqui Savageau, class of 2018, as Bonnie in her 4th CMT show. They stole the show with their passionate performances and vocals. Zach Noel, class of 2018, and Hayley McDermott, class of 2017, played Buck and Blanche Barrow. Noel and McDermott captured the audience with their performances and chemistry. Memorable songs by this gang included “When I Drive” performed by Noel and Freeman, “This World Will Remember Us” by Freeman and Savageau, and the show stopper, “You Love Who You Love,” a duet with Savageau and McDermott. 

Notably, Samantha Hughson, class of 2019, as Young Bonnie and Samantha Nedoroscik, class of 2018, as Young Clyde, both had memorable performances putting all their passion into their songs and opening the show with “Picture Show”. 

Lyndsey Hawkes, class of 2019 (Emma Parker), Stephanie Farrington, class of 2017 (Trish), Ben Tague, class of 2019 (Preacher), and Emma Needles, class of 2018 (Cumie Barrow) put on impressive performances as well. 

The show wraps up with a dramatic chase led by a team of cops and bounty hunters, played by Peter Foley, class of 2019, Kate McNicholas, class of 2019, Jake Rosenthal, class of 2020, and Hannah Brier, class of 2020. The story concludes with the inevitable death of Bonnie and Clyde. 

Between the amazing performances by the actors and the production and tech team who outdid themselves with one of the most impressive sets in recent CMT history, the show was one to remember. Truly a great performance by all!

CMT’s next show will be “Heathers.” For more information about the show, auditions, and CMT in general, check out their website!