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Anyone else watching Season 2 of The Circle on Netflix?


For those who aren’t familiar with the premise of this show: Players are secluded into different rooms and are directed to create profiles to connect with one another. These profiles can be real or they can be fake. The broad objective is to connect with other players and make good impressions to stay in the competition. The goal of the show by the end of this is to win $100,000.


Based on what I have seen so far from this season’s contestants, this is my current top 3 for favorite contestants.




To be honest, it has been entertaining to see Chloe on this season of The Circle. The Circle is definitely a lot different from Too Hot to Handle, so I was curious to see whether the audience would get to know a different of Chloe. It has been interesting to see how she builds relationships with the others, especially as some of the contestants have already pre-judged her based on what they’ve seen and heard from her time on Too Hot to Handle. So, moving forwards it will be nice to see whether opinions of her will change.


Courtney has been really interesting to watch. I have been liking his energy and his attitude of not putting up with anyone’s “fakeness”. Overall, it was nice to see him build a small bond with Savannah before she got eliminated. However, I think his biggest obstacle will be creating relationships with the other contestants since I haven’t seen much of that yet.


While Khat is one of the newer contestants on the show, she seems to be really positive and fun. It’s hard to say how far she’ll make it through this competition, but I do not think she’ll get eliminated any time this week. Overall, I am interested in learning more about her and how strategy in this competition.



While these are currently my favorite contestants, there is definitely a chance that it will change over time. I am really interested to see how Jack and Lisa will work together to portray the persona of the “new” incoming contestant. Admittedly, I was not a fan of them individually, but I do see potential with them working together as a team to switch things up

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