Back to School: Friends Edition

I'm going to be honest: Friends is my favorite show. I have a poster above my bed with a whole bunch of Friends quotes on it. I say references to the show all the time. My suite mates and I taped up a Friends poster in our common room the other day. I'm literally Monica. I took a Myers-Briggs test and apparently we have the same personality. My roommate is named Rachel.

So what better way to celebrate the start of a semester than with Friends?


1. When you have friends you already know in your class

2. When you answer a question right

3. When you have a test within the first two weeks back

4. When you get paired up with the cutie in the class for a project

5. But this was your first reaction when the teacher said you have to do a group project

6. When you realize all the work is starting to pile on

7. When you finally understand a topic

8. But then you realize you really don't get it

9. When you've read so much the words on the page are starting to look like gibberish

10. When you know at the end of the day, no matter how classes go, your friends have your back