The Avengers Endgame Trailer Is Out And We Have Some Thoughts

Full confession: I cried a little bit the first time I watched the trailer for Avengers Endgame. I’ve since watched it at least five times. If you’re trying to go into this movie without seeing anything about it before hand, SPOILERS AHEAD. Here are some of my thoughts.

1) Tony does NOT get to die:

RDJ almost made me cry in the café this morning with “I will dream about you.” As much as I hated it, I still loved it. He has to live so he can raise his adorable baby with Pepper… and Peter Parker. He retires after this movie. I refuse to accept any other option.

2) That beautiful shot of the space ship that looks like a bird against the brightly colored, Guardians’ style space deserves sonnets.

3) Natasha Narration

The most criminally underused superhero needs an arc that has nothing to do with a romance and it seems like she’s going to get more to do this film and I will be happy.


If all the emo shots don’t indicate that they are going to “live” in this world with only half the living creatures in the universe, and explore the consequences, I will be furious.

5) I’m definitely going to write papers to this score.

I don’t know who’s doing it, but they are a master and I love the epic-ness.

6) Crying Steve is kind of wonderful?

I’m glad they didn’t do a toxic masculinity, grieving man responds to pain by breaking things moment, but is it as good as Beard Steve? I’m not sure.

7) Tag was not worth missing out on the first movie.

I don’t know how they’re going to handle Hawkeye’s arc, but I hope he’s utilized in a meaningful way.

8) I like the symbolism of the logo being broken pieces that try to come back together. I hope it is a consistent theme.

9) I still don’t really care about Ant Man. I know they want me to, but I’m too distraught about Tony to laugh about him being in the driveway.