AAA: Holiday Traffic To Be Worse

Everyone is going to be out on the roads this week, it seems, to get to Thanksgiving celebrations across the nation.

AAA predicts around 54.3 million will travel more than 50 miles from home during the Thanksgiving holiday. That is nearly a five percent increase from last year's travels.

Thanksgiving is going to see 2.5 million more people traveling than last year. This is the highest number since 2005.

"Higher wages, more disposable income and rising levels of household wealth are fueling a busy holiday travel week," said Robert Sinclair, the northeast spokesman for AAA.

The largest travel spike, however, will be at airports. 4.27 million (a 5.4 percent increase from last year) are expected to fly during the Thanksgiving holiday five-day week. This is the largest amount since 2007.

The air flight won't be cheap either.

Though the majority of travelers will be on the road.

Seeking alternative routes when traveling Thursday, Friday, and Saturday may be helpful.