6 of the Best Bondi Sands Products

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Bondi Sands is Australia's No. 1 self-tanning product.

"Bondi Sands is about sand, sea, and sun and the lifestyle that comes with it," the company says.

The company's products have salon quality formulas and are award-winning. 

They are available in Walgreens, and here are the six you should check out.

  1. 1. Dark Tanning Foam

    This product is light weight. It has a flawless finish due to the aloe vera and coconuts in it. The coconuts give it a fresh, summery smell with the product's flawless and rich tan.

  2. 2. Light/Medium Tanning Foam

    Like the dark tanning foam, this product has aloe vera and coconuts. It comes with a rich, flawless color that is lightweight with application. It is ultra hydrating too!

  3. 3. Tanning Foam

    This one has vitamin E in it! The coconut scent is amazing.

  4. 4. Application Mitt

    These are super helpful. It allows for a streak-free application. These mitts are reuseable and washable. It's perfect for the foams, mists, and lotions Bondi Sands has to offer.

  5. 5. Liquid Gold

    This is a self-tanning dry oil with touch drying formula. It sets and dries in like a second. The argan oil in the product add greater moisturization. The color develops over two to three hours, and it lasts for about a week, with no wash off required. It's the longest lasting Bondi tan.

  6. 6. Tan Eraser

    This is the world's first instant tan remover. It's a patented technology and is super easy to apply. The product is non-abrassive with no harmful ingredients. It only takes five minutes. The aloe vera makes it soothing too, and it has a moisturizing and silky touch.

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