5 Ways to Re-Center Yourself Over Spring Break

While some people may have big plans for a fun Spring Break trip somewhere warm, others choose to have a low key Spring Break. No matter what you decide to do, Spring Break should be a time to breathe and collect yourself after the first half of the semester. If you’ve been feeling like you’re constantly playing catch up and just want to get back on top of things for the second half of the semester, there are lots of things you can accomplish over Spring Break to get ahead.

1. Do your taxes or plan out your budget for the rest of the semester. Oftentimes, financial planning falls to the wayside when classes are stressful and deadlines are looming. Take this week to go through old receipts, get your tax documents in order and look ahead at your budget for the rest of the semester. Not having to worry about these things will help out immensely when you have finals and other end of semester commitments to worry about.

2. Go through your syllabi and see where you’re at with deadlines. Getting a clear picture of the rest of the semester can be great in helping you feel organized. Write down deadlines and try to get ahead on them if you can. You can also start brainstorming ideas for final projects and papers to make it easier on yourself when you finally go to complete them.

3. Set end of semester goals and re-evaluate ones that you set at the beginning of the semester. Maybe you planned to exercise every day of the week at the beginning of the semester and that didn’t quite pan out. Take some time to re-evaluate what is going to be important to you for the rest of the semester and set realistic goals for yourself moving forward.

4. Do some spring cleaning and organizing. Get rid of old papers that you’ve been shoving in your backpack and clear out any junk that’s been accumulating in your purse! Cleaning and organizing always helps make you feel ready to tackle whatever comes your way.  You can also make a list of things that you need for the rest of the semester and pick them up before you head back to campus after break.

5. Do things that will make you feel physically refreshed. Sometimes, feeling physically organized and rejuvenated will help you to feel mentally refreshed as well. Something as simple as getting a haircut (new do, new you!) can work wonders for your psyche. Spring Break is also a perfect time to switch over your wardrobe from winter to spring and get everything you need to take on the end of the semester in style. Treat yourself to a shopping trip to grab some fun new pieces to bring back to school!  

However you choose to spend Spring Break, here’s to hoping that it’s a fun and relaxing time!