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The candy

I’m not a big candy person myself but Halloween is even worse for me because I’m allergic to nuts so that rules out pretty much all the good candies. It’s not the most fun to have dietary restrictions on holidays centered around food. Plus, in the days of trick-or-treating, some people don’t even give out candy; they give out toothbrushes or stickers. How is that fair?

The costumes

It’s hard enough to decide on a costume and get all the materials for it, but what’s much worse are the offensive costumes that come out on this holiday. For example, don’t dress up as Native people, mentally ill people, or homeless people, and do not use blackface.

Haunted Houses

First of all, haunted houses are usually way overpriced. Then there’s the “why” of it all. Why pay to have people chase you with chainsaws? Is this really considered a fun way to spend a night? If you really want to be scared, just turn off your lights and be alone with your thoughts for a few hours. That’ll give you a good fright.

The pressure to have fun

I suppose this comes with most holidays and birthdays, as well, but there is this insane pressure especially as teenagers and young adults to party on Halloween and have the greatest night ever. Usually, this doesn’t happen and my friends and I just end up disappointed.

The fact that hating Halloween is like hating puppies to some people

Whenever I say I hate Halloween, I get attacked. It’s a young person’s holiday where fun is the goal, so why am I so opposed to it? I’m not the Grinch of Halloween. I don’t try to make others have a bad October 31; I just don’t enjoy the festivities of the holiday myself.

Clark U class of '22
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