5 New Beauty Products I Need to Try

…. but my bank account definitely says no. 

  1. 1. Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Mascara

    Rihanna can do it all. Any time she releases a new Fenty Beauty product, it’s an absolute hit. I carry my "fu$$y" lipgloss with me everywhere, and I’m just about to run out of my Fenty concealer. Naturally, I’m curious to try Rihanna’s new mascara. It is described as “a do-it-all mascara that is designed to expose every lash, featuring an exclusive flat-to-fat brush that instantly volumizes, lifts, lengthens, and curls.” Plus, the mascara brush has a fat and flat side to style your lashes perfectly.

  2. 2. Kaja Beauty AirHeart Lipstick

    Kaja Beauty is a Korean beauty brand launched by Sephora. The AirHeart lipstick is insanely adorable. It’s heart shaped and comes in a small range of classic nude colors. As a big fan of their lip stain, this is definitely on my list. 

  3. 3. Pat McGrath ChromaLuxe Hi-Lite Cream

    Pat McGrath’s beauty line is absolutely insane. Never have I seen cooler colors or packaging. My bronze seduction palette is my baby. Her new gel highlighter looks out of this world. It can be used for both eyes and face, making it easy to tie your makeup looks together. 

  4. 4. Masion Margiela ‘REPLICA’ Springtime in a Park

    The REPLICA perfume line is absolutely beautiful. Each bottle is minimalistically designed, with a detailed description of the scent's origins and inspirations. Each bottle is supposed to smell like a moment in time. I’m on my second bottle of their "Lipstick On" fragrance. Anytime they add a new scent to the line, I’m eager to try it. “ Relive the delicate and luminous essence of springtime through blooming notes of lily of the valley, green blackcurrant, and the fruity effect of pear. This delicate perfume invigorates with the memory of walking through a park in spring consumed by the floral atmosphere.” Their fragrances give you entire experiences- for a hefty price tag.


  5. 5. Beautyblender Shadeshifter WAVE

    Do I need this? No. Do I want this? Yes. The new beautyblender now changes color as you put it under water. This doesn’t enhance my makeup routine in anyway, but I’m already sold. I’m tired of my bland beige beautyblender.