5 Must Have Drinks For The Summer

The semester is over and now it's time to celebrate! The weather is finally getting hot, so here are five drinks to cool down with this summer.

1. Frozen mint lemonade

     What you need:

        1. Ice

        2. Lemonade

        3. Mint


       1. Add about three handfuls of ice to the blender Fill the blender with lemonade so that it covers the ice all the way plus a bit. Add a few sprigs of mint.

       2. Blend until you don't see any chunks of ice

2. Sparkling Berry Limeade

What you need:

        1. Blackberries

        2. Blueberries

        3. Strawberries, hulled and sliced

        4. Limeade concentrate (about 3/4 cup)

        5. Ginger ale (about 3 cans)


       1. Layer the bottom of the pitcher with the berries

       2. Add the concentrate and soda

3. Watermelon Punch

What you need:

        1. 1 seedless watermelon

        2. Lemonade

        3. Ice

        4. Sugar (about 3/4 cup)

        5. Water (or unflavored seltzer) (about a cup)


       1. Scoop half of the watermelon fruit in a blender and blend

       2. Add sugar, water, a few handfuls of ice, and lemonade (to taste). Blend until mixed and enjoy

4. Arnold Palmer

What you need:

        Equal parts of:

        1. Lemonade

        2. Iced Tea


       1. Mix

5. Infused Water

What you need:

        1. Water

        2. What you'd like to infuse with (ideas: cucumber-mint, lemon, peach-ginger, strawberry-lime, orange-mint, raspberry-lemon)


       1. Mix, let it sit to infuse before drinking