5 Kinds of Dogs- Ranked

Here's a ranking of the absolute Best Dogs for your self care needs this finals week. 

  1. 1. Small dogs

    They are small, you can pick them up, you can cuddle with them. You can live your best Elle Woods life. 

    Score: 10//10

  2. 2. (a.k.a. 1.) Big Dogs

    They are large. They are gentle. They are sweet. You can give them hugs. They do that thing where they lean against you and blow out your knee. 

    Score: 10/10

  3. 3. (a.k.a. 1.)  Puppies

    I cried a little looking at this gif. They are very smol. They love you more than anything. They have no motor control and they are just so happy to exist. 

    Score: 10/10

  4. 4. (a.k.a 1.) Senior Dogs

    They are old. They are wise. They are chill. They have no idea what the word "chill" means. They are so sweet and loving and loyal. 

    Score: 10/10

  5. 5. (a.k.a 1.) Dogs in Costumes

    Correction: It is not a dog. It is a majestic Panda. I love this Panda more than life. 

    Score: 20/10

Most important? Adopt, don't shop and don't take in a dog without knowing that you can't take care of it for it's whole life.