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20 Disney Characters That are Secretly Clarkies

1. Chicken Little- “The sky is falling!” Whenever a major event happens (Ferguson, Donald Trump) Clarkies tend to run around warning everyone of impending doom. But, just like Chicken Little, Clarkies can be the ones to change the outcome. Clark students can save the world. 

2. Aladdin- “A whole new world.” Aladdin saw a need for change in the hierarchy of Agrabah and made it happen. Clarkies challenge convention everyday and create a whole new world. 

3. Anna- “Go ahead, I won’t judge.” Categorizing is not something we do here at Clark. Not only is Anna accepting, she is also adventurous, carefree and kind. She was willing to sacrifice everything for something she believed in (or someone she believed in). Just like Anna, Clarkies will do whatever it takes to get their message across (like sitting in front of city hall, blocking traffic). 

4. Nemo- “He touched the butt.” Nemo has impeccable courage! He went out into the ocean to touch a boat, got caught, swam into a filter, almost died, played dead and escaped. Nemo had a plan and followed through with it. He is a real go-getter just like a Clarkie. In fact, he may even be voiced by one. 

5. The Caterpillar- “You? Who ARE you?” Let’s face it, he asks all the questions that are on everyone’s minds. He shows the philosophical side that most Clarkies have. Plus, hookah is a Clark tradition (air bar during finals). 

6. Dumbo- “The very things that held you down are gonna carry you up and up and up!” Dumbo embraces uniqueness, one of Clark’s trademarks. If he were on campus he would show his true colors and challenge convention along with the rest of the student body. 

7. Mulan- “The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest of them all.” Mulan is a typical strong Clark woman. Not only does she challenge conventional views and fight in her father’s place, she also saves an entire country! 

8. Esmeralda- “You speak of justice, yet you are cruel to those that need you most.” Clarkies stand up for their beliefs and so does this gypsy. It also doesn’t hurt that she has the Clark style. 

9. Tiana- “The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work.”  Tiana reminds us that hard work is the key to success. Additionally, Tiana’s baking is very similar to the yummy food served up at Annie’s Clark Brunch. Both Tiana and Annie also got support from the community to keep their businesses thriving. 

10. Timon and Pumba- “Hakuna Matata!” Most Clarkies tend to be carefree and worry free just like Timon and Pumba. With all of the advice they give to Simba, this funny duo could easily be Psychology majors at Clark!

11. Tarzan- “Trust your heart, let fate decide.” Clarkies definitely let their hearts guide them, and fate is always on their minds. Curly fries in the bistro they day you craved them? It must be fate. Tarzan is also an adventurous nature lover, totally in tune with most Clarkies. 

12. Lewis- “Keep moving forward.” When things do not always fall perfectly into place, giving up is never an option for Clark students. Clarkies move forward with their lives just like Lewis.

13. Lumiere- “You don’t have time to be timid! You must be bold, daring!” Clarkies stand out in crowds and are the first ones to call out faults in a system.

14. Mama Odie- “The only thing that’s important is what’s under the skin.” Mama Odie may not be a Clark student, but she is definitely a Clark professor. Her “Shhh, look in the Gumbo” is a lot like “Did you read the text?” 

15. Kronk- “Path of righteousness or path that rocks?” Clarkies are as liberal as it comes. Most of the time the path they follow is for the right reasons but sometimes just because it rocks. 

16. Goofy- “Boldly going nowhere.” Goofy, like most Clarkies, does not have an ultimate goal. Most Clark students share the mindset that going nowhere will lead you somewhere. 

17. Mr. Potato Head- “You uncultured swine!” Does this quote sound familiar to anyone? Clark students make it a point to know what is going on in the world. Clark has an international food fair, International Gala and a club for every culture on campus. With 14 percent of the students being international, Clark is a melting pot of cultures. Clark is also one of the most politically correct schools around. 

18. Dory- “Just keep swimming.” This is the Republicans of Clark’s motto. They will continue to table no matter the outcome. Let’s face it though; all Clarkies share this motto as well. 

19. Mad Hatter- “You can always take more than nothing.” This goes for the mints outside of the cafeteria as well as many other things. The tablers will give you everything for five seconds of your time. All Clarkies love anything free! 

20. Olaf- “Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours” Ultimately, Clark is one big family that loves one another to the ends of the earth. Clark students will always defend each other, even if their beliefs conflict.

Hello everyone, my name is Kassie and I'm a Sophomore at Clark University. I am currently a double major in Psychology and Art. However, I am looking to do a fifth year Masters program in Education. My final goal is to become either an art teacher or an art therapist.When I'm not in Worcester, Ma I reside in Connecticut. In my spare time I hangout with my friends, paint, knit, or watch movies.
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