2 Baseball Players Have The Same Name...And May Be Related

Two minor league baseball players are causing confusion and it's not because of their performances but rather their names.

Both Brady Feigls are 6' 4". Both are pitchers. Both have red hair and red beards, and both wear thick-wired glasses.

Brady Feigl plays for the Oakland A's Single-A team. The other Brady Feigl plays for the Texas Rangers' Triple-A team.

And it get's even weirder.

Both had Tommy John surgery...with the same doctor!

Teh Feigls don't believe they are long-lost twins or even related. But Inside Edition decided to get both to take a DNA test. The results: they share the same amount of Germanic ancestry.

While there was a 53 percent similarity ancestrally, the two shared no DNA, meaning they aren't actually related.