10 Things to Do Over Fall Break

Fall break is right around the corner!  Even though we only get two days off from school, the mini-vacation is always very welcomed.  Making plans for the extra-long weekend can be difficult so check out our top 10 things to do over fall break!

1. Go home

If you live close enough to campus that you can go home, you definitely should!  Being at Clark is great and everything, but it can be very nice to get some much needed R & R back at home.  If you live too far to go home, maybe you can go home with a friend or visit your extended family near by!

2. Catch up on sleep and reset your sleep schedule

At this point in the semester, our sleep schedules are so messed up!  We have very busy lives during the week with classes and activites, and then staying up late with friends on the weekends- it all gets to be too much.  Use Fall break to reset your body and catch up on sleep.

3. Catch up on homework

Let's be honest, we may or may not be 100% caught up on our readings.  Things come up!  Using Fall break to catch up on school work and maybe even get ahead is a great idea.

4. Eat decent food

Although the caf does have some good food, nothing beats home cooking!  If you can't go home, use Fall break to check out some local restaurants.

5. Buy winter clothes

Using the break to stock up on winter clothes is never a bad idea, especially for our collegiettes that are from much warmer places!

6. Go apple picking

Apple picking is fun with friends or family!  Get a group together and enjoy locally grown apples!

7. Carve Pumpkins

Halloween is only a few short weeks after Fall Break!  Buy a few pumpkins and make some spooky jack-o-lanterns to get in the spirt.

8. Go to a Corn Maze

Corn mazes are really fun and so fall!  If you can't drive to one, check in with student groups like the Outing Club to see if they are running any trips.

9. Catch up on shows

Fall break is a time when you can watch shows without feeling guilty!  Check out Hulu or Netflix and maybe fall in love with a new show.

10.  Spend time with family

 Being at school really makes you appreciate your family!  Hang out with your parents, grandparents, or aunts and uncles over break.  Catching up with the people you love most makes for an excellent Fall Break!

Enjoy the time off, collegiettes!