10 Keys to Friendsgiving Success

We all love getting together for a nice Friendsgiving dinner around this time of year, especially if you can’t make it home to your family. If you’re hosting your squad’s Friendsgiving this year, there are some important things to think about that will make your event a success. We’ve put together the top 10 things to think about when planning your Friendsgiving to ensure that it will be the best one yet!

  1. Get an accurate count of who is eating and attending before you buy the food. There’s nothing worse than shelling out money for a bunch of food only to have fewer guests than you expected (and fewer people pitching in to pay you back, too.) Try to nail down an accurate number of people who are definitely attending before you buy the food.
  2. Be aware of dietary restrictions. With large groups of people there are bound to be at least a few dietary restrictions among the group. Make sure you know what they are ahead of time so you can plan a menu accordingly and make sure there’s something for everyone at your feast.
  3. Make sure you have enough silverware and dishes to accommodate everyone. Think about what you’ll need for serving utensils as well. If you’re low on these supplies, you can either buy paper and plastic products or ask everyone to bring their own place setting.
  4. Plan out who is bringing which desserts and make sure they aren’t the same. Whenever there’s a potluck, at least 2 people will always bring virtually the same brownies or cookies. To eliminate this overlap, have everyone tell you what they’re bringing beforehand.
  5. Go to the craft studio to make sure you have decorations. Atmosphere is equally as important as food during the holidays! Make some cute Friendsgiving signs or table decorations at the craft studio a few days before. Small touches like this will bring your Friendsgiving over the top!
  6. Set the mood with a movie like A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. This will give your guests time to relax and digest after the meal and bring everyone back to their childhoods.
  7. Rearrange your furniture before your guests arrive to make sure you have ample space, and if you don’t, make sure to get additional seating. Plan out logistics such as where you will set up the food and how you will accommodate all your guests at the table. Doing this ahead of time will make your actual Friendsgiving much less stressful and much more organized.
  8. Find out where you can stream the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. If you’re hosting on Thanksgiving Day, the Macy’s parade is the perfect thing to have on TV while your guests arrive! If you don’t have cable, find out where online you can stream the parade coverage.
  9. Send out reminders to your guests beforehand to make sure everyone is there on time. You don’t want to be sitting around while the food gets cold waiting for latecomers that didn’t know the exact time to come! If your friends are chronically late, a good trick is to tell them to arrive a half an hour before you actually want them to get there. This means that if they are late, they should be arriving right when you initially wanted them to anyway.
  10. Make sure everyone is on the same page about dress code. Maybe you want to go for a comfy vibe where everyone wears sweats and yoga pants, or maybe you’d rather everyone get a little fancy for this special occasion. Either way, let your guests know ahead of time!

We hope these tips will make your Friendsgiving the best one yet!