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The A Word

ABORTION. Did I scare you?

That one word seems to make the men ruling our country shake in their boots. They have a heart attack over the control of a woman’s body. That’s right, a WOMAN’S BODY. Not their bodies.

Let me be clear, this article is not to advocate for women getting an abortion. This article is to open eyes to the fact that women should make their own choices about their own bodies.

What about the baby’s body? The innocent lives taken?

Let’s all agree, for argument’s sake, that this is just a ploy to guilt women into claiming a bundle of cells as a baby before its first heartbeat.

Once again, this article is to provide information on abortion, not to convince women of one choice or another.

Historically, abortion has been around since ancient times. It has always been a topic that has been flip-flopped between legal and illegal.

Men have always tried to control what women do with their bodies because they feel that we are subordinate to them and are unable to make decisions. We are too irrational to make our own decisions according to them. So they must make the decision for us without any thought of what a child will do to our bodies, financial capabilities, and many more complications with having children.

Women can choose to get an abortion for many reasons. They could get one because they cannot financially support a child.

What about adoption?

Adoption is an option, but tell that to the thousands of misplaced foster care children who suffer from a system of corruption and abuse.

Women can get an abortion for a number of reasons, including: they are not ready to have a child, their bodies are physically unable to carry a child healthily to full term, they do not want to pass on genetic disease or defects, they do not want to bring a child into a world so corrupt by money and war that there is a fear of nuclear annihilation looming over countries, the world is already overpopulated, and many more reasons.

When abortion is illegal, women are forced to have children they cannot support, or do not want. This has led to child neglect. The unwanted children are neglected, abused, thrown into the failing foster system, or many other scenarios. Those that make it to adulthood can have negative effects, as well as positive effects. There is never an exact science to this. Neglected or abused children are more likely to commit crimes as juveniles and adults. That does not mean all will commit crimes, but many will.

In the end, it is our right as women to have a say in what we do with our bodies. We do not have to bring a life into this world just because a bunch of cry baby men said so. They do not control what we do. Women will find a way to get an abortion whether it is legal or not. This can lead to women harming themselves in desperate attempts to terminate a pregnancy. It is dangerous to deny women the right to their own bodies, and we need to stand together and fight to let ourselves have a voice in what we feel most comfortable doing.

Again, this is not to advocate for abortion. This is to advocate for women having a voice in what they want to do with their bodies. Let our voices be heard. 

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