Women's Accomplishments in Athletics

Let’s talk about sports. Ever notice how sports are used to establish and assure the masculinity of a man, and are sexualized and treated as a joke for a female?  Athletes are totally amazing. I swear I couldn’t do half of what they do. All athletes, regardless of gender, push themselves to be the best that they can be in their sport for their division. It takes a lot of focus to train, have a proper diet, perform, and keep up with social lives, or school, or both. Whether professional or amateur, an athlete does whatever they can do to prove their abilities through the sports that they play.  So, why do sports get viewed differently for genders? Why are women sexualized and judged on their appearances rather than on their abilities? Why do magnificent athletic women have to reestablish their femininity through their appearances outside of the sports? All the while, men establish their masculinity through the sports itself.  Women participating in a sport are considered to be doing something masculine rather than simply being seen as doing something that is gender neutral. Women work just as hard, if not harder, to obtain the same goals as men do through athletics. Men and women play sports. It is a fact. So why is it seen as something only men do? Because we do not objectify men and comment on their appearances. We comment on their genuine ability. Can we not do the same for women? Sports are something I am not particularly inclined to participate in personally. However, that does not mean I do not respect what athletes, especially female, have to do to obtain greatness in that section of life. Simply put, I would like to take a moment to recognize sports and the successes of women’s athletics based on merit.  Female athletes, you are an enigma! You are courageous and talents and are to be respected. Keep making amazing strides toward your goals and toward representation for women’s ability to do just as much as a man can do. You are fierce! Aim high!