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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clarion chapter.

It you do not get dressed up for Halloween, I will be extremely disappointed in you. Not only do food places offer discounts if you show up in costume on the lovely holiday, but there are historic important reasons as to why costumes are a necessity.

Back to the Celtic festival of Samhain, people would dress up in costumes and light bonfires to scare off evil spirits. Now, we do similar things by creating costumes that are representations of the popular things in society and turn pumpkins into lanterns.

Who is to say that our adaptation of Halloween tradition is not just as effective on warding of maleficent spirits? The tradition of a scary costume makes sense, but our costumes, no matter how scantily clad, can be seen as just as frightening. Our society itself is pretty terrifying. Our costumes and dancing under strobe lights would terrify any old timey vengeful spirit who does not understand our society or a more current vengeful spirit who is totally judging our choices. Our pumpkins are not giant raging fires, but they do the trick. You literally pull the guys out of a pumpkin and leave it’s dead cut up carcass outside your door with a light in it as a reminder that you brutally murdered the pumpkin.

Putting it all that way, we are not much further off from our ancestors’ traditions! You have to dress up so that you can protect your home from the evil spirits that are released by the mischievous acts that occur on All Hallows Eve, or better known as Devil’s Night.

Also, just think about how much joy Halloween brought to you as a kid. You get to be someone totally different for a day! Bring back a little bit of your childhood. Get creative. Stop remaking the things you have already seen online and be original. Any thrift shop is a great place to start!