What Greek Life has Given Me

Greek life was something that started off as a foreign idea for me. I never thought that I would join a sorority until my friend from a different college joined. She was having fun and learning about her sorority. When I finally started at a University instead of a Community College, I realized that if I wanted to have the full college experience, I needed to be active around campus. That’s exactly what I did. I joined two clubs on campus, but kept Greek life out of the picture.

It wasn’t until my second semester when my friend finally convinced me that I should go Greek. Not only did she convince me to go Greek, she convinced me to go Phi Sigma Sigma. When I first met the ladies of Phi Sigma Sigma, I was skeptical. I was never one to be social. I stayed in my comfort zone and never really wandered out of it. Within the first fifteen minutes of meeting these ladies, I was so comfortable and felt extremely welcome. They wanted to get to know me for me, and I wanted to know Phi Sigma Sigma and the girls who were a part of it.

After being a part of this amazing sorority for almost a year now, I have been given so much. First of all, I was given confidence. I was that shy girl in high school that always kept to herself, sat in the back of the class and never answered questions. Being a part of this amazing sorority has shown me that being myself is the best me that I could be. I’ve blossomed into a beautiful rose (haha). My friends have even seen a change in my personality. I’ve grown to be more outspoken. I give props to my sisters for even getting me to this point.

Second of all, I was given sisters. For twenty years, I hav e had two younger brothers. They are twins so they always have had each other to hang out with. I was a tag-a-long. My brother’s friends were more than likely my friends. I had friends my age but I didn’t start hanging out with them until I was able to drive. My sisters have given me some the best unbreakable bonds that I keep making. These girls have shown me that I could have a family away from home. I was blessed with sisters that have shown me so many things.

Third of all, I was given leadership. I was nominated for an executive board position my second semester and was excited that I got the position. It was a goal that I wanted to achieve while I was in Phi Sigma Sigma. I wanted to be more involved with my sorority. I wanted to show other sisters that I wanted to give back to the sorority that has already given me so much. The fact that these girls thought that I could even be nominated for this position really made me think that I could bring something to this chapter.

Lastly, I was given a chance to learn how to manage my time better. It was something that I was never good at. I have now learned that if I don’t plan ahead then I will more than likely forget things and miss something that is mandatory. I take time out on Sundays to plan my week ahead of time in a weekly planner. I fill in all my classes, any meetings that I have for clubs that I am a part of, and any additional things that I must go to. Any free time I have is filled with studying. Keeping my GPA up is important to me, especially being a nursing student.

People may think that I can’t handle these things, but to me that is a challenge waiting. I want to be a part of this sorority and give back to it because it has already given me so much. I am proud to be a part of Phi Sigma Sigma. I know that I still have time to give back but by starting now I can give back even more. My heart will forever be touched by the sisters and alumnae of Phi Sigma Sigma.