The Ultimate Spring Break Travel Guide for Saving Money

Spring break is coming up quicker than we realize. Most of us have already picked the perfect destination and started working on our beach bods. However, some of us are probably stress eating wondering how we’ll be able to afford this trip since we’re all broke college students. Here are a few tips to help you save money when it comes to planning your spring break.

1. Travel accommodations

Are you driving or flying? Sometimes looking into different options like taking a train might be the most reasonable option. Don’t be afraid to try other options that are out of the norm.

2. Living Arrangements

See if anyone in your friend group might know someone who lives close to where you are vacationing. Even if they can’t host you for the week they could recommend the best places to stay. Or you could try Air-B&B. People from all over offer the world their houses and it’s super affordable.

3. Food

Just because you’re on a vacation doesn't’t mean you have to eat out every night. Assign a night to everyone you’re traveling with and they can be the chef for the night. Not everyone is going to choose the same food and making dinner is always cheaper than going out. Plus, you’ll have left overs for the nights that weren't assigned to anyone.

4. Activities

Before leaving, look up different activities that are cost effective. You’ll find more things than you’d imagine whether it be going to a museum or finding somewhere to hike. When you get their you could also ask locals their favorite places to go because they’ll have better insight.