Profile: Courtney McBride

Courtney McBride is a communications major with a concentration in journalism. Her dream job is to write for Cosmopolitan Magazine. She’s working towards her dream by building up her resume. Courtney brought Her Campus to Clarion University. Courtney started the journey of becoming a Campus Correspondence for HC back in December 2016.

Courtney is involved on campus. She is in a cappella group called CUPella’s. She performs in shows for other organizations. Courtney sang in this year’s drag show and won second place. She also performed in Clarion’s got talent. She is very dedicated in all of her activities.

In her free time, Courtney loves to cook and sing for herself. She sings whenever she can. She always cooks dinner for her friends. She always make sure no one goes hungry.

Courtney always puts everyone first. She lends a shoulder to cry on. When Courtney wants something, she does everything she can to make sure she achieves her goal.