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My Support System

Throughout my life, I have always had support from my family. My number one supporter is my mom. She would always push me to put myself out there and to go into each day better than the last. School was always stressful for me. I was slow at reading and not good with math. My mom would spend hours with me practicing math problems and doing fact problems. Everywhere we went she would make me read, so I could catch up to my grade level. If I did not read something right, she would make me sound it out over and over again until I could say it.

She did not just support me in school, she supported me in sports too. When I was a Freshmen in high school, I wanted to go out for the field hockey team but I was too scared because I never played before. I also did not know anyone on the team. My mom encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and to just play. She signed me up for field hockey camp that summer.

On top of field hockey, I wanted to try competitive cheerleading. My mom drove to the closest gym and signed me up. Cheerleading over the years became really stressful, but my mom always listened to me cry after practice, always rubbed my aches and pains, and drove me down the next practice to do that same thing. She always came to my competitions. She always cheered me on from in front of the floor. I remember this two day competition and it was the hardest in the season for me. I came off the floor bawling my eyes out and my mom just hugged me and said “it happened. Now you prepare for day two.”  Before I went on stage, my mom held my hand and gave me the biggest pep talk of my life.


When I came to college, I did not want to stay at all because my mom would not be there with me every day. I would not get to see her or hug her, but I knew she would always be there for me. I called my mom every night and texted her every morning. She helped me with homework if I needed it. She would listen to me cry and to all my stories. I still call my mom every night even after three years of being in college. I still cry every time I leave her. I cry when I miss her.

I hope to be half the woman she is when I grow up. I hope I give my kids the unconditional support she has given me. I would not get through anything without her.


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