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So you’re here. College. The next step that you’ve been either waiting forever for or stressing about since Junior year in high school.  Regardless of your level of enthusiasm about being a college student, here are a few tips to help you during your transitioning period.

“Free” is your new favorite word

I’m sure that by now you’ve realized that college is nowhere near cheap. Between buying books and decorations for your dorm your funds are quickly dwindling down. Don’t worry! On any given day multiple groups and organizations on campus will hold events at no cost to students. Who knows…you might snag a free t-shirt or something just for showing up. If it’s a big event they may even have a couple more prizes worth your while. 

 Your professors don’t bite

If you need help, ask for it. As intimidating as they may seem, your professors are really just people. They want to see you succeed…well most of them.  If you find yourself too shy to ask questions in class, take advantage of their office hours for a more one on one approach. Don’t let your fears get in the way of your performance in your class

Coffee isn’t for everyone

According to the stereotypes, college kids can’t survive without coffee. Judging the length of the line at Starbucks every morning this seems to be a solid truth, but some people just aren’t coffee fans. That is totally okay. If coffee isn’t your thing, find out what is.  Whether its starting your day off with a smoothie or guzzling a bottle of fruit infused water, if it helps you feel energized and more alert for class then do you boo!

Step outside of your comfort zone

This is so cliché but it’s so true. If you’re hoping to have an awesome college experience, chances are you won’t if you refuse to get out of your same old routine. Try finding a club you’re interested in. Chat with people on your floor. Go to an event on campus. There are so many options just put yourself out there and see what happens!

Take your a** to bed

Sleep is so important to me. I have a relative bedtime and I try my best to stick to it. I let my friends know about it to explain why I can’t hang out super late during the weekdays and of course they make fun of me but I’m sooo serious. I just know that I’m not at my best without getting a good night’s sleep.  Nobody wants to be that person snoring in class or acting hella crabby all day due to exhaustion. Figure out a sleep schedule that works for you and get that beauty rest!

Stay (or become) organized

If you are entering college with little to no organizational skills…now is the time to get some. You’re going to get very busy very quickly. My advice is to use a planner to keep track of important dates and deadlines for classes, clubs, etc. It will be super convenient to have your schedule in one place for reference any time you need it.

Know your limits

This applies to a few areas. School… Partying… Relationships…. You should pay attention to yourself and be able to tell when you’re getting too overwhelmed.  Study…but not too much… Go out and have fun…but know when enough is enough… It’s perfectly cool to date…but don’t let your significant other become a distraction… We’re all adults here. Your decisions are yours to make just be aware!

Hopefully you find these tips helpful. No need to but if you want… you can thank me later. Good luck! You got this!

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