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With Mother’s Day being a little less than a week away, and this being my last article for the semester, it seemed like the perfect time to write an article for my mom. It is extremely difficult to put into words how much my mom means to me, but I guess I’ll try and express why she is truly the greatest mom anyone could ever ask for. 

Dear Mom, 

I want to first thank you for carrying me around for nine months (even past your due date, and not to mention, in the hottest summer). I also want to thank you for enduring labor for a second time just so that I could be brought into this world, and you even did it with no epidural both times. Thank you for giving me the greatest childhood possible, dealing with me through my difficult years, and for still dealing with me currently. You are the first number I dial when something good or bad happens, or when I’m just bored. You are the one person I can depend on to laugh at my dumb jokes, or to listen to my very pointless rants. You are my shopping partner, and will always tell me how beautiful I look in something, even when I doubt myself. You are my best friend, who is not afraid to throw the sarcasm back at me, and then laugh and say “I love you.” You are the one who I can always expect a “good morning” and “good night” text from; I do look forward to them every morning and night when I’m not home. You are the one who pushes me to move beyond my comfort zone, and “put myself out there.” You are the very best mom I could ever ask for, even though you do get kind of sassy from time to time. I could thank you and tell you everything you are to me, but that would take me until Mother’s Day to write. Although it may not do justice for everything you are to me, all I can say is that I love and appreciate you very much. And I am very excited to spend the next three months spending time with you, as well as everyone else, and most likely annoying you to no end. Also, you most definitely are a cool mom.

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