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Go Silicone Beauty Blender

So… I really love playing with makeup.


I’m not afraid to be honest with myself, or anyone else, that I am not a makeup artist. However, I love to play with crazy colors and try out all the hacks that they show in Buzzfeed videos.

I have always been extremely curious of the silicone beauty blenders. Will it give a smooth application? Will it feel weird rubbing on your face? Will they be worth it?

These things are life changing. I bought two at Sally Beauty Supply, and I’ll never go back to sponge beauty blenders, literally ever.

The first one I bought is called Silicone Sponge by Face Secrets, and I use it to spread around my liquid foundation on my face. The best thing about using this is the fact that you only truly need a small circle of foundation. It will go a long way and you will be stunned. I put a little spot on the top of my hand, and dip the silicone blender into it, and dot it onto my face, then spread it. Another great thing, is you are not wasting product this way. Think about what a sponge does… It is made to absorb. Therefore, your sponge beauty blender is sucking up foundation that you aren’t even getting onto your skin. It’s being wasted, and sits inside making it extremely hard to clean. Leading to my final reason for using silicone; all they need is a quick rinse under hot water and they are completely clean. No more replacing your beauty blender once a month, or however often you bought a replacement. I’m not sure what the rule is on how long to keep these things, but if mine stay in good, clean condition, I will keep them for a while.

I also bought a Glitter Silicone Blending Sponge, also by Face Secrets. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. I use this one for my concealer, because it has a nice small tip to smudge with.

Both blenders were $3.99 apiece. These are extremely affordable, and like I said, can be kept long if taken care of well.

So, GO SILICONE PEOPLE, you will love them!

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