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There’s nothing wrong with casual sex. Yes, it does get bad rap and once people learn that you do it they may think you’re “easy”. In a research study conducted by Cornell University, no-strings-attached sex was linked to higher self esteem and lower rates of anxiety and depression.

So why does casual sex have such a bad reputation? Casual sex is definitely not for everyone. Experts say it’s all about your personality: if you are more likely to put yourself out there, then you are probably the type of person who wouldn’t be bothered by casual sex. On the contrary, if you are often times closed off and tend to be more shy, then casual sex probably isn’t your thing. However, this is not always the case.

If you know that you’re the type of person who can get off on a one-night-stand, then you do you! It is important to remember to always remain safe in any sexual situation. Make sure to use protection and be in a safe environment. It doesn’t hurt to have a friend on call just in case, too!

I have had my fair share of no-strings-attached encounters that left some of my friends wishing they were single again. There is absolutely no shame in sharing these stories, and if you have some similar stories of your own, prepared to have your coupled friends living vicariously through you. Here’s a few of my casual sex experiences.

1.      I met a hottie on vacation

I was on vacation at a beautiful beach resort. Normally I would never throw myself at a boy, but there was a guy I was eyeing up the entire week. Finally, on the last night of my stay, I gathered enough courage to talk to him. With a little help from liquid luck (AKA tequila), one thing lead to another and…

2.      I was going through a total dry spell

Sometimes you just need to let loose a little bit. Maybe you’re under a little bit of stress or you’re feeling particularly cranky. Sex is known to be a natural stress reliever, and there’s no shame in using it as a therapeutic form of relief. I have done it myself quite a few times to be honest, and

3.      I joined Tinder

I had no interest in ever using the app, but I finally decided to see what it was all about. At first I started with casual conversations, and if it turned into something more that was ok with me. If not, that was ok, too. The important thing to remember about Tinder (or any form of internet dating) is to make sure you aren’t getting catfished.

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