Balancing How to Visit People

Sometimes you must choose between important people in your life. I struggle with that every time I go home. Whether I spend my time with my friends, family or boyfriend. Add in working and it causes a whole bunch of headaches. So how do I manage them all, simple I take turns and let them know about it. My boyfriend works night shift six days a week so its easy to give him one day that I’m home and it’s always the same day, so my family and friends understand that. Most of my friends go to college, some are still in college while others have graduated, and I don’t see them that often. So, when I get the opportunity to see them, I try and see them.

When you are trying to figure out how to balance the time think what is best for you first. If you are home three days and are off work those three days make time for everyone. For me I see my friends either Friday or Saturday and the other day I spend time with my family. I always see my boyfriend on Sundays since that is the only day he is off and luckily so am I.

But my method hasn’t always worked out. Sometimes I must choose, and it honestly sucks so much. If I pick my friends over my boyfriend he gets mad, if I pick my boyfriend over my family they get mad, it’s always a lose-lose situation. But you must do what is best for you at that time. I sometimes choose seeing my friends that graduated over seeing my boyfriend or going to a party with him. It may not end well but that’s the best decision for me at that time.

No matter what people you choose between, it never has a complete happy ending. You’ll have people mad at you, some that won’t talk to you for a while and others who are over the moon to see you. No matter what make the best decision for yourself and don’t listen to anyone else.