The Actress I Want As My New BFF

The Oscars were Sunday night and some of my favorite celebrities were nominated and awarded Oscars! 

One of these celebrities, nominated for “Best Actress” was Saoirse Ronan and although she did not win the Oscar, I want her to be my new best friend. I first saw Saoirse acting in the 2009 movie The Lovely Bones. She was great in that movie, especially for her age. She also managed to pull off an impeccable American accent that I didn't know was fake until I learned that she was born in Ireland. I didn’t see her in any movies for a few years and I temporarily forgot how awesome she is. That changed when I saw her perform a few months ago on Saturday Night Live. I knew that she was a great drama actor but she was also really, really funny! She was able to easily keep up with the comedians on SNL. She is also a strong advocate for the “Time’s Up” movement which supports women who have been abused or mistreated in the film industry.  In interviews, Saoirse is funny and intelligent. She doesn’t try to act like a big star and she’s very humble. Also, her dresses are always gorgeous. She seems like the perfect person to have as a new best friend!