5 Netflix Must Sees

Lately I’ve gone through a lot of Netflix shows and movies and here are some of my recommendations

1 The Kissing Booth

This was such a good movie! It’s not really a chick flick but it has just the right amount of romance and has a really good story line.

2 Marlon

This is a comedy series that features Marlon Wayans and its about his life with his kids and his ex-wife. There are some good laughs in this show and I can’t wait for the next season.

3 Atypical

This is probably one of my favorite shows. It follows the life of this kid named Sam who has high functioning autism. It has some good laughs and really opens your eyes to how a kid with autism might feel or must go through.

4 Grey’s Anatomy

Everyone has heard of this show, but I suggest people to jump on the bandwagon because it is a very good show.

5 Shameless

Another popular show that is amazing and everyone should watch. Fiona takes care of her 5 siblings and deals with her alcoholic dad all while trying to live her own life.