4 Ways to Tackle Spring Cleaning

With spring here you might think about the annual “spring cleaning” time, but what can you spring clean while you’re in college? Here are a few ideas!

1 ) Clean out your closet

               Whether you’re at home or at college there is a lot you can do to clean out your wardrobe. Everyone has clothes they have in their closet or dresser that they don’t wear, but keep just in case they magically decide one day they will actually wear. Go through your clothes and if you cant remember the last time you wore that shirt or if it has been months take it out of your wardrobe. You can try and sell it at certain stores or you can donate them to a confinement store. This way you can get rid off some unnecessary clutter and you have room for new clothes!

2 ) Organize your school things

               With the semester winding down you usually have things thrown everywhere and have all your school stuff in a jumble. Take the time to go through everything and pick out what you need and what you don’t need. If you have assignments that you don’t need or cant use anymore to study then get rid of the, they are only taking up space. Organize books, put books in piles pf what you need to keep and what books you can sell or get rid of. This way when the end of the semester comes you are all ready to go.

3 ) Clean your dorm

               Again, with the hustle and bustle of college driving you crazy, your room tends to suffer the attention it needs. Take a day or even a few hours to devote time for your room. Go through and organize all your stuff that’s laying around your room. Vacuum, dust, clean anything that hasn’t gotten attention in a while.

4 ) Start packing

               With having a month maybe two left it’s a good idea to start packing up things you don’t need anymore. Pack away clothes that you don’t wear anymore because of the weather change, as well as shoes. Start packing unused school supplies that you know you won’t need anymore, this way it’s not taking up space in your room. Pack any kitchen supplies or food if you have a kitchen that you know you won’t use or eat. Doing all these things will help you in the long run when you are packing during finals week, you won’t be running around like a chicken with tis head chopped off.