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10 Signs Your Mom is Really Your Best Friend

Everyone has different relationships with their parents, but are you lucky enough to have your mom as your best friend?

1. When something happens you immediately want to tell her.

Whether it be good or bad, the first person you want to tell is your mom. You know she will be proud of you, give you the best advice or give an open ear about what is going on.

2. You hate being away from her for long periods of time.

You can go a few hours without seeing or talking to her, but not seeing her for days is hard.

3. When you want to do something, she is the first person you want to ask.

Wanting to go shopping, have a spa day, lunch date or go see a movie she is the first person that pops into your mind that you want to ask to go with you.

4. She’s the one you go to for advice.

She is the one person who understands what you are going through because she went through it. She knows how you are feeling and can give you the best advice on the situation. She will never judge you and will help in any way that she can.

5. You’re always having fun when you are together.

It can be as simple as singing in the car or watching a television show together, you guys can always find a way to have fun.

6. You can be yourself around her without worrying.

You may have a mouth like a sailor, or have a weird sense of humor, but that doesn’t matter when you’re with her. She accepts you for you no matter what and will never judge you. Who knows, maybe she’ll start acquiring your traits!

7. You feel terrible when you fight.

The rare times you disagree can be hard but fighting is the worst. You never want to hurt her feelings or be mad at one another. One thing is for sure though, it won’t take long for you both to hug it out.

8. You value her opinion.

Her opinion means the world to you. She never sugar coats anything, she tells it like it is whether it’s what you want to hear or not.

9. No matter what you are always there for one another.

You lean on one another; you are each other’s biggest support system and go through the good and the bad hand-in-hand.

10. You can’t imagine your life without her.

You may fight from time to time but you couldn’t imagine not having her. She can be your biggest supporter and gives the best advice, you’d be lost without her there every step of the way.

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