Professional Traveller, Barista in the Free Time: Here is Gabriele Dellisanti

Everybody knows that living in London is not that cheap, especially if you are an international student coming from abroad. This week I spoke with Gabriele (or Gab if you prefer), who is working at Starbucks in Old Street. Do you think he has never left London? No way! This year he went to Scandinavia twice. How is that possible? Let's find out...

Name: Gabriele Dellisanti

Major & Year of Study: BSc International Politics, 2nd year

Country of origin: Italy

Relationship status: Single

I know you've done quite a lot of couch surfing. Best and worst experience? I have couchsurfed 3 times so far, always in Sweden. Each time was an amazing experience but very different from the others. I wouldn't know how to classify a "best" or "worst" experience since the three hosts I stayed with were all great people but really diverse between them.

Best country you have visited so far and why? Canada and Sweden are the best country I have visited so far. I love their culture, nature and people's mentality. In Sweden I liked the food and language as well!

Gab also works at Starbucks in Old Street (pop in there to say hi!).

A funny moment at work?  When you shout out the name of a person's drink convinced he/she is of a certain sex and it ends up being the opposite!

And the weirdest / most hilarious customer(s)? Weird customers are those who order super personalised drinks with personalisations which make no differences (laughs).

One advice to any students who want to work? Students should work, it's fun and your workplace (if you work with nice people preferably of your same age) becomes a "3rd place" which isn't home or uni. It gives you an alternative location to spend your time, keeping you busy and giving you money and independence.

What is 'determination' to you? Determination is going on in life, overcoming challenges and not caring about what other people think or say about what you do or want to do in the future.

Do you have a fav place in London where to go after class/work? (Except home obviously) I have a favourite place, it's a Swedish bar called "Fika" in Bricklane. The people who work there are extremely friendly, the food is good and the drinks are too. It is also relatively cheap considering the area.

What is the most effective method to wake up early in the morning? Have something inspiring to do. Always plan something and keep yourself busy and entertained. It makes life way more exciting to live!