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Meet the Multi-tasking Guru, Sophia Kichou

A few days ago it was Mother’s Day and I hope you all, collegiettes, had the chance to remember how amazing it is to be daughters. It makes us realise that in our lives we always play different roles. Some of us are sisters or mothers, other friends or colleagues, and some others aunts, like our cutie of the week, Sophia.

She is a busy student-worker-sister-aunt-aspiring journalist-dreamer. The list could go on for lines! Wanna be multi-tasking? You should definitely follow Sophia’s advice!

Name: Sophia Kichou

Major & Year of Study: BA Journalism, 2nd year

Country of origin: Uganda

Relationship status: Single

How important is it for you to have a close relationship with your sister? My sister is like my best friend. We’ve always been together and it’s like an attachment we have to one another. I am older so it’s also important for me to be a good role model and to inspire and support her.

What is the thing that motivates you the most? There are so many things that motivate me, but spreading my love, being a good person and enjoying life is what motivates me most. I have so many goals, dreams, desires, and places I want to see. I am most motivated when I feel I am on the right path to achieve what I want.

Tell me something unpredictable of you! I grew up in Uganda and moved to London only four years ago.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? In five years’ time I hope to be a broadcast reporter working in the industry, making features and documentaries that change people’s opinion. 

Your 3 favourite TV programmes/shows? House of Cards is definitely number one! Can’t wait for the new season. The Mindy Show is a favourite, but I love Luther too.

Do you have any plans for spring break? Study and work. It’s my birthday just at the end of spring break, so I’ll be travelling and celebrating as well!

Is there a particular place you have been in the past where you would like to come back? Why? My close friend and I went to Ibiza two summers ago and, instead of experiencing only the party scene, we visited lots of different beaches and sceneries. I would love to go back and see more. It’s so breathtakingly beautiful!

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Claudia Romeo

City London

Multi-tasked storyteller studying Journalism at City University London. Italian born with the innate gift of loving pasta. Currently managing to balance the crush on my hair with the love for 11 men passing a ball on a green pitch. Cannot leave the house without make-up.
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