Wise Words With Katie Ferchen

Name: Katie Ferchen

Year in School: 3rd Year

Major: DMC(Digital Media Collaborative) program with a minor in Marketing and certificate in Film & Media Studies

Campus Involvements: 2015 SOL(Student Orientation Leader), Historian for SAC(Student Alumni Council) and Videographer of Chi Omega

Fun Fact: I play four instruments! Flute, piano, ukulele and guitar(ish)

Her Campus: Thanks for chatting with us today, Katie! First I want to get into your major, it’s a new one to UC so could you tell us a bit about it?

Katie Ferchen: Sure!! DMC is a collaboration between three colleges - A&S, CCM and DDAP - which allows students to earn a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies, focusing in whatever they choose. New certificates are being added every year from Directing in TV/Film, to Screenwriting and much more.Personally, it allows me to develop creative skills that I didn’t think would be possible at UC! Next semester, I plan on taking animation courses and I couldn’t be more excited!


HC: Wow that is super cool, are the classes open to everyone or must you be in the program?

KF: I honestly don’t know! I believe it varies from class to class. For instance, some E-Media courses are offered for non-majors. Also, for film at least, there are classes offered for any major (Topics In Film, Intro to Film, etc.)!


HC: I’m glad UC offers things like that, in your opinion why is it important or why do you think people should take classes that don’t always pertain to their major?

KF: College is your time to explore, and learn about the things you want to know more about. You’re spending your money to get an education at the #hottestcollegeinamerica, so why not see what it has to offer? UC has incredible courses in every field. Take advantage of it and learn what you love - not what you’re required to pretend to love. You will get where you want in the end, but don’t be afraid to have fun along the way by designing your own path.


HC: Such good advice, especially for those readers who may be freshmen or sophomores still trying to figure it all out. I love that you say to learn what you love, not what you’re required to pretend to love. What brought you to this realization?

KF: When I entered UC, I was actually studying Secondary Education in Chemistry. I remember being in my orientation scheduling classes, and being unhappy with the required courses. Some of them were great - don’t get me wrong! But only a few made me excited to learn. My attitude did a 180 when I started taking film classes. Pursuing your passions may sound too cliche to be real, but I believe it provides a drive to get you where you want to be. You can’t just magically get there, you have to take that first step.


HC: And it sounds like taking that first step really paid off for you. We all have to do what makes us happy or in the end we will be miserable. What is one (more, because you have given a few already) final piece of advice you would like to leave our readers with?

KF: The biggest piece of advice I’ve always heard but never understood until this year is to create quality over quantity. I’m the type of person who will take on too much without question, and it really hit back this year. It’s not impressive to be exhausted. Impress yourself, and no one else, by doing your best - and taking the time to get there! You don’t want to be remembered by the number of things you do..but rather what you do, and why it mattered.


HC: So beautifully said, being a people pleaser that advice hits home and is something that I now will remind myself! Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom with us, Katie!

KF: Aw!! Thank you for interviewing me! I’m so honored!!

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