Win Money Right from Your Phone with This Game Show

Where are you on a Sunday at 9 p.m.? Maybe you are eating dinner or getting ready for the week ahead, but if you are one of the millions of Americans, you are probably playing HQ Trivia.

HQ, an app and trivia game released last year, is taking over family rooms and coffee shops everywhere. People are dropping everything to play this fast and fun 12 question game that goes live every day at 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. If you are thinking that this is just another silly game fad, you are terribly mistaken. Not only is HQ exciting to play, there is also a huge incentive if you win. Winners can get up to $2,000 if they answer all 12 questions right. Scott Rogowsky, aka “Quiz Zaddy”, is the exuberant and hilarious host. His energy and sometimes corny jokes make the game exciting to watch.

There have been some technical difficulties with the app, but all in all, it is a pretty impressive system. The fun of the game is not winning money, but coming together with friends and family to enjoy a common interest.

Check out some hilarious tweets below that sum up HQ perfectly and download the app! Available on iTunes and Google Play.




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