Why You Should Watch "Sugar Rush" On Netflix



“Sugar Rush” is a Netflix Original baking show and is currently in its second season. 

There are four teams of two contestants each, and three rounds where, after every round, a team gets eliminated (or, after the final round, wins the whole competition). 

The rounds are cupcakes, confections, and cakes, and contestants are on a time constraint when it comes to each of the three rounds. Any of the time carried over from round one is added on to round two, and any of the time carried over from round two is added on to round three, giving an advantage. 

It doesn’t matter how much time is saved, because a team with not much time saved could still come back and win the $10,000 grand prize.

The show is judged by three judges: Candace Nelson, founder of the cupcakery Sprinkles Cupcakes, and Adriano Zumbo, an Australian chef and baker who is known for MasterChef Australia and another Netflix original, “Zumbo’s Just Desserts”. A third judge is a guest judge.

There is also a Christmas spin-off of “Sugar Rush,” called “Sugar Rush Christmas,” which all of the dishes are Christmas themed. In the confections round of the first episode, for example, the teams had to make their confections red and green without using food coloring. And in the final round, the cake round, the theme was to make an ugly Christmas sweater cake.

It’s a really good show for fans of the Great British Bake Off, or any other baking show, really; watching it before I go to sleep is one of my favorite things to do, as it’s not too stressful and I love seeing the things that the teams come up with.

The only downside to “Sugar Rush”? 

Watching it always makes me want to bake something! 

Cookies, cakes, even tempered chocolate (which looks really complicated yet I still want to try it!). The cakes on the show are always multiple tiers and towering in height, so I wouldn’t make something that big, but baking a cake would still be fun.

You can watch the trailer for “Sugar Rush” here and the “Sugar Rush Christmas” trailer here. 

Both are streaming now on Netflix.