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Where to Live After Graduation: Cincinnati Edition

Housing…. one of the most stressful thoughts an undergrad can have while thinking of where to live on campus. You’ve upgraded from the dorm life and if you’re not in a sorority house you have to start searching early for the next year! But, let’s fast-forward a couple of years… dare I say, to graduation? One major thing will stay the same when searching for housing and that’s location. Obviously, you are all going to stay in Cincinnati because it’s amazing right?. So, I have complied a list of where I believe are the best and hip places to live while entering the real world.

Downtown Cincinnati

This is an obvious #1 choice. If you like the downtown city scene or love going to sporting events at Paul Brown Stadium or city events at Fountain Square, this is the perfect place for you. It’s more of an upbeat place to live, but there’s always something to do whether it is shopping at the Fountain Square Macy’s store, eating at local hot-spots such as Nada, Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse, or Sotto, or even sightseeing on the Banks, visiting the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.


Hyde Park

Hyde Park is probably the most ideal place to live for a recent graduate. It is close to Kenwood as well as close to downtown, so you are getting the best of both world. If you don’t feel like driving, just walk over to the square where there’s always something to do!


Mount Adams


Oh…Mount Adams. Another great place that young professionals seem to flock to after walking across the stage. You would literally be minutes from downtown and most likely have an awesome view of the city from your window. Mount Adams has an abundance of bars and restaurants and is surrounded by Eden Park- one of Cincinnati’s best and well-known parks.


Mount Lookout

Very cool place to live with a beautiful scenic view and has a bunch of small businesses (Zip’s Cafe, Terry’s Turf Club, Arthur’s Cafe, Lemon Grass) that every Cincinnatian would love. If you’re ever in the area, you should definitely check out the square, get some sushi, and get a drink at Mt. Lookout Tavern.




Recently, I visited this area and fell in love. Lots of thrift shops and coffee shops! It is perfect for those who want to move out of the Clifton scene, but don’t want to travel too far away.



Oakley is in a similar location to Hyde Park, but a little cheaper option for those who are not able or do not want to spend a fortune on the rent. It is a beautiful place to live and a lot of young professionals live around here. Don’t worry, you can still make friends after graduation!


OTR (Over The Rhine)

A few years ago OTR probably wouldn’t have even made this list, but now I’m sure none of you are surprised! If you’re a DAAPer, a Business Student, or even an engineer, I’m sure you would take a liking to this area. OTR is known for its artistic environment featuring art galleries and theatres. OTR was even voted Best Cincinnati Neighborhood in CityBeat’s Best of Cincinnati 2011-2014. So just take a walk down Vine St. and you’ll see what I mean.


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