What To Do When You Don't Drink In College

I don't drink for many reasons. One, I'm not of age, but it's not like that's a valid reason in college.  

Whenever someone asks me why I don't drink, I just tell them that it's due to personal reasons, which is completely true. That being said, I'm not a person that enjoys crowds or enjoys parties. I don't really like loud noises either.  

Yes, I'm probably "lame" by your standards. That being said, I'm not "anti-party" and I don't think that people that party are bad people. It's just not my jam. 


Here's a few ways that I survive when I don't drink in college:


Girl's Nights  

I love binging Netflix with my roomie (and other girlfriends) while scarfing pizza, baking an assortment of goods and just enjoying time with some of my best friends.  


Board Game Nights

I love board games. Yes, again, I'm lame.  

I love board game nights spent with friends. Honestly, if I could be with my friends forever, I would be.  



I personally do not really go to parties, but just because you do not drink should not stop you from going...just don't drink. Yes, you will be the DD, but you can still go and hang out with your friends.  


Go Out to Dinner and Explore Your Area

Make it an event to go out to dinner at a new place around your campus or in your city. Roam around and go explore. There’s so many cool “hidden” restaurants and places all around Cincinnati…you just have to go find them. 



I love going to concerts, and having Bogart’s so close to UC is very convenient. There’s also many popular concert venues all throughout Cincinnati, so I can always find something to do.