UC Professor Releases Statement About His Comments to a Muslim Student

Clifford Adams, a University of Cincinnati professor, released a statement after a screenshot of his comment to a Muslim student went viral on Facebook this past October.

According to Fay Alwattari’s Facebook post dated October 26, Adams writes “Review this list of Islamic terrorist’s attacks and then tell me about your hurt feelings.” in response to a Muslim student’s homework assignment.

The student posted her reaction to the song “Walk on Water” writing:

“I am a Middle Eastern Muslim female therefore Trump’s presidency and all the hate he has promoted and encouraged has impacted my family, friends, and I. This song restores my faith in America by depicting what America is really about and why we celebrate July 4th. It includes a diverse range of people from white, black, young, old, straight and gay all coming together to celebrate the birth of a country that is built off the idea of freedom.”

Adams, unaware that his comments were visible to all 75 students in his online class, went on to note:

“Muslim females are safer in America than in any Middle Eastern country. How dare you complain while enjoying our protection!” He then adds “And just FYI: July 4th is not the day we tape a sign to a damn stick and go out and march with smug college brats and dysphoric drama queens, it is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. I am glad you took my class; you really do need to shut up, listen, and learn. Welcome to America, and welcome to college.”

Adams is a professor in UC’s College-Conservatory of Music.

In a letter to The Enquirer, Adams said “I wanted a lively exchange of views and ideas about closed-minded bigotry and a discussion about how it is incorporated in modern music through a smart, academic, collegiate argument. Instead, I have given my students the wrong impression that I am a religious bigot.”

Greg Vehr, a spokesman for the university, has since released the following statement:

"The University of Cincinnati takes seriously all concerns for discriminatory or harassing conduct occurring within its community and pursuant to its policies, will conduct an appropriate review. Our commitment to excellence and diversity are affirmed in UC’s mission statement and fundamental to our purpose as a public university. This matter has now been referred to the university’s offices of Academic Personnel, Equal Opportunity & Access, and Title IX for review and response in accordance with our policies and procedures."






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