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Toria Douglas: National Champion UC Dance Team Co-Captain

This week’s campus celebrity is our very own University of Cincinnati Dance Team’s co-captain, Toria Douglas. UC is known for winning football games, basketball games, etc but the team that is often found on the sidelines brings home the most championships. The UC dance team was crowned National Champions back in January in the Division 1A hip-hop category for the second year in a row. Aside from this, they were selected to represent the United States as Team USA in the world’s competition held in Orlando, Florida. Take a few minutes to check out their amazing national championship winning routine and meet the one and only Toria Douglas.


Name: Toria Douglas

Age: 22

Year: Senior

Major: Communication/Marketing

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio 


What is your favorite part about being on the sidelines at football and basketball games?

I grew up 20 minutes away in Fairfield so I have always been a Bearcats sports fan. Switching from the stands to the field is such a rush. I love the energy of a full stadium/arena.


How many national championships does the UC dance team have?


What do you and the team do to prepare for nationals?

Nationals preparation begins as soon as we get on campus in the summer. We condition and train for camp in July. Pretty much everything we do prepares us for nationals, sidelines, halftimes, etc. The most extensive work we do is over Christmas break where we spend countless hours perfecting our routines. 


What sets UCDT apart from other college teams? 

I think that our team works differently together. Before we focus on the dance aspect we work on our relationship as a team. We get to know each other and have a connection that no other team has. We are a true family. Without a strong bond you will not be as successful. We always work hard for each other not just ourselves. Our team prides ourselves on being a family, never being out worked & giving 110% everyday. 


I understand that UCDT was selected to compete as Team USA for the third year in a row. Do you do anything differently to prepare for the world’s competition than you do for nationals?

Not much changes for worlds, we add 30 seconds to each routine, and make a few small changes. But the cleaning and running of the routines are about the same as nationals.


How does it feel to compete as Team USA? Normally you are competing as Bearcats with a C-Paw on your chest. Does it feel differently to be representing the United States?

It is such an honor and blessing to get to represent our country. We take a lot of pride when representing our school. But I would have to say having USA across your chest takes the pride to a completely different level. Worlds is pretty much the Olympics for dance and cheer, so it’s a really big deal. Hearing the crowd chant USA  gives me chills every time, it’s incredible.  



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