Ten Things Boys Need to Know About Girls

Congratulations. Whether or not you clicked on this article just because you were bored or because you relate somehow to the title, you are one of many that can attest to the fact that boys can simply be clueless. To the girl who disagrees with me because her boy toy knows everything you want – reality check, he’s doesn’t. To the boy who clicked on this article because you want to win her over, take notes because you made it to the right place. I have had my fair share with boys, whether it be through a committed relationship, a fling or a second grade Valentine. You can love ‘em, you can hate ‘em, but sometimes they can just be straight up clueless as to what us girls are all about.

We love flowers

We shake our heads and say we don’t like them, but I have yet to meet a girl who doesn’t melt when someone brings her a bouquet of those colorful petals.

Suggestion: Grab flowers at your local grocery starting at $3.99.

Don’t take us to the movies for our first date

A first date should be a time for you to connect with your mate and test out compatibility, not silently sit next to them in a dark theater.

Suggestion: If movies are the only first date idea in your wheelhouse, try out a coffee shop, park or even an amusement park.

We don’t like to be called pretty

Pretty is average. Pretty is overused. Comparison fills the minds of countless girls and when “pretty” is used to describe them, it doesn’t even phase their minds. Words like “extraordinary,” “compassionate" and “charismatic” are an automatic win.

Suggestion: Thesaurus.com should be your best friend.

If you play with dogs and little kids, you are 10x more attractive

There is no scientific research behind this claim, but it reigns true among the majority of girls. When we see our campus crush bending down to pet a dog or throw a frisbee with a kid, go ahead and rip our hearts out right there at the scene.

Suggestion: Ask any girl around you to disagree with me…good luck finding her.

Pinterest should be your friend

Pinterest boards hold everything you need to know about a girl. From her birthday wish list to decorations for her future home in 10 years, this website holds all of the secrets. Will we outwardly tell you that we want Kendra Scott earrings? Probably not. Will the earrings fill up our “dream list” board until it is full? Most likely.

Suggestion: Visit the app or search the website and keep a running list in your phone of gift/date ideas from your hunt.

Be our friend, and then our boyfriend

In any relationship, it can be easy to get sucked into the habit of being flirty 24/7 and talking only about your significant other’s good looks. As girls, we love to talk…and talk…and then talk some more about anything and everything. Be open with one another and share things other than what the day’s agenda looks like.

Suggestion: Ask her how she got her middle name, why she loves musicals so much and who taught her how to ride a bike next time you see her…and listen good.

The little things are sometimes bigger than the big things

Are hot air balloon rides, expensive dinners and concerts amazing? YES! Can you swing those every week? Probably not. As girls, we love to spend time with our significant other, regardless of if the date is $2 or $200.

Suggestion: Make a homecooked meal together, start a tv series, make your dream house at IKEA, or (my personal favorite), surprise her with her favorite food out of nowhere.

Smart boys are the best boys

We have dreams and goals, and you should too. It is easy to shrug and say “I don’t know” instead of sharing your knowledge – but we want you to share it with us. We take classes just like you do and strive for the best in ourselves, do you?

Suggestion: Pick out a random topic that you know (weirdly) a lot about and go on a tangent about it. Think it sounds weird? Trust me, our eyes will light up after a while in amazement of how lucky we are to have picked a mate who is the next Albert Einstein.

If you can quote our favorite movie, it’s over

Movies are not just an hour and a half of moving pictures, they hold a story and grab our emotions. We pick out favorite ones and find ourselves watching it over and over and over again. When you not only acknowledge our favorite movie, but quote it as well, it is the ultimate love language.

Suggestion: You should probably ask her what her favorite movie is and get to memorizing.  

Simply love to love us

This one speaks for itself. As girls, we do not want to be seen as a hassle or in the way of your life, we want to compliment it. Fall in love with the process of falling in love. It can be awkward, but the benefits you can reap from it could be lifelong.  

What are you waiting for? Follow these 10 simple guidelines and GO GET YOUR GIRL!