Sydney Johnston: Real Housewife of Clifton

Age: 20Year in school: JuniorMajor: PsychologyFavorite song: Jumpman by DrakeMost used emoji: Laughing emoji!Relationship status: SingleFavorite place to eat around Clifton: PieologyCampus activities: RallyCats, Chi Omega, Psychology club

Why did you pick UC? I picked UC, because it was closets to home! I really loved the environment at UC especially. I like being in the city, because there’s so much to do! I feel like I’m never bored and it’s not too big and not too small. It’s a happy medium!

In your time at UC, what has been your favorite memory and why? My favorite memory was actually big little reveal! My sorority put on CHIO days and everyday it was something different. I got candy, hand me downs, and lots and lots of crafts! I knew the entire time who my big was, because she’s super bad at lying and her hints were so obvious! I loved running across Joselin though on the reveal day and jumping into her arms, literally because she’s almost 8 inches taller than me!

What would the reality show about your life be called? Definitely "Real Housewives of Clifton"

What is your perfect fall day? My perfect fall day is definitely a day where it’s about upper 60s, little bit cloudy. I love bringing out my vest and wearing a cute long sleeve top with of course leggings and riding boots!