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Spring has sprung in Cincinnati…… well almost, we have had our ups and downs in terms of weather over here. But, the calendar has let us know it is official so with the start of a new season we have been experimenting with new makeup looks.

Something we are loving is lip color. Especially since the weather has been somewhat cold here, the punchy pout look has been something that brightens up our day. Take a look below at some inspiration pictures plus two colors we are loving! Shout out to Charlotte Tilbury makeup for the samples, we are in looooooove.

(Peachy Pout via vogue.com)

(Orange Kiss via @khloekardashian)

(Dark Sparkle via allure.com)

(Electric Poppy on me, thanks Charlotte Tilbury!)

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Maddie Huggins is a fourth year student at the University of Cincinnati. Originally from Columbus, she quickly learned to swap out the OSU scarlet and grey for UC red and black. Maddie has loved writing since she was a little girl and is always down for a good time. She prides herself in being the world's best hugger.
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