The Ritual of Reality T.V.

It’s not unusual to spot a group of people engaging in a weekly gathering on Monday nights which almost always involves a room filled with laughter and loud conversations as everyone stares at the T.V. This interactive experience is called reality T.V, the most popular being the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. This new way of watching T.V has skyrocketed in today's culture as it provides the perfect distraction from the realities of life, along with added comedic relief. 

I participate in this weekly ritual which has become one of my favorite nights of the week. Everyone brings a dish, a dessert or dinner to share with the group as we indulge in the entertainment on the screen. My decision to continue to watch the show religiously is validated by the connected creation with the people around me. In all honesty, I could care less about the relationships in the show, but because I can use the content to strengthen my own friendships. I love it!

As I have grown to love reality T.V, I have started to explore other options besides The Bachelor and Bachelorette, leading me to the ultimate reality show: Love Island (UK).  This show completely outshines all reality TV because of the beautiful accents, endearing terminology, and structure it includes throughout the seasons. Instead of searching for a match for one relationship, Love Island dedicates its efforts to establishing multiple relationships. The setting of the show allows the couples to freely spend one on one time together in all aspects of the day, leading to more authentic relationships. The end goal of the show is more realistic because it focuses on dating instead of marriage.  The couples who have made it through the bachelor or Bachelorette are a testament to the failure of the show's attempt at finding love; the majority of the couples do not actually get married. Love Island (UK) is, without question, a better show that deserves more attention. I suggest that everyone dedicate a couple of hours of sitting on Hulu watching it, trust me it is worth it.