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Recruitment as Told by “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing, we’re balancing new classes, and the most stressful yet rewarding part of your semester is back; Formal Recruitment. As actives members, we know how important recruitment is and that it will result in extraordinary new sisters! But we also know the struggles. Those two weeks (or actually, the moment you step back onto campus) leading up to Bid Day are full of sleep deprivation, voice loss, cardio workouts in high heels, and fun times with your sisters.

1. Walking into the house for the first time since spring semester for workshop

2. TFW the actual work starts and socializing stops

3. Showing your new outfits to the Recruitment Chair

4. Lining up on the stairs for the first round like

5. Forcing yourself to sleep because you have to be at the house the next day at 7 AM for the next round

6. Staring at all the food at Bid Day before the new members get there

7. Watching the new members run to the house on Bid Day

8. When recruitment is over and you get your first new member date




Sarah Ickes


Her Campus Publicity Campus Coorespondent  Chi Omega Director of Sisterhood  Communication & Public Relations  Lover of all things related to Beyonce and Skyline Chili 
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