The REAL Reason Why I Idolize Beyoncé

I’m quite certain I’m not the only one who was beyond excited for the Super Bowl; I mean Beyoncé’s performance. Beyoncé did it once again, released music with no warning and nearly broke the internet (Sorry Kim K). Her new hit "Formation" dropped the day before her performance at the 50th Super Bowl and has been the talk of the world ever since. But this is more than just a song to nod my head to. To me, it’s meaningful. This song embodies a powerful, political and unapologetic message about the Black Lives Matter Movement. Bey has always been the one to “kill with silence,” but the silence ended when this song was released. She speaks on rumors about her about her marriage, her beliefs, her daughter and even tells us she loves embracing her daughter’s afro. Beyoncé and Jay-Z have donated millions of dollars to the Black Lives Matter Movement, victims from Hurricane Katrina and also to bail out protestors in Ferguson and Baltimore. They deserve to be recognized as activists. 

In the video, Beyoncé opens up the video sitting on a New Orleans police car as it's floating on the water in representation of Hurricane Katrina. The video also includes artwork of Martin Luther King Jr., and a little boy dressed in all black with a hoody that cued the police to put their hands up, as if the tables had turned. Yes, we can dance and sing along, but make sure you listen to the words.

This isn’t the first song Beyoncé has relayed a message through, but it may be the most powerful. When us females say we idolize Beyoncé, it's more than her being a gorgeous entertainer with a nice body that just so happens to dance and sing. She's confident of her skin color and doesn't hesitate to embrace it. Thank you Beyoncé for always making me feel like a fearless strong black woman. Love you Bey, and keep on slayin'.