An Open Letter To My Best Friends Hours Away

Dear gal pals,

After years of growing up together, driving the same route to go cruising at midnight and sharing our deepest, darkest secrets with each other, it was heartbreaking to leave you for college. Suddenly, there were states and countless miles in between us instead of the 3-minute drive it took to get from my front door to yours. Instead of seeing you in the hallway at school everyday or during the weekends when we’re planning our next adventure, I’m lucky to see you once a semester. Before we went our separate ways, we had one final week together – a week that was full of laughs and tears. Final hugs were given and all of a sudden our adventures were simply memories.

Although there are hours between us, that has not stopped us from keeping in touch. There hasn’t been a week when my phone hasn’t been blown up by a funny video or an exciting update from you. We don’t talk every day like we used to, but I know that you are a phone call away. You still know me better than I know myself and manage to have either the perfect words when I’m down or the perfect Kris Jenner meme to send me when I’m excited. I love my new friends I have made here in Cincinnati, but there are some things that only you will understand or know how to deal with.

I don’t know about you, but when I look back at our videos and pictures, I am still shocked at all of the adventures we shared…we sure did it all. We road tripped, baked countless cookies and waffles, watched every chick flick ever created, cried until we laughed, danced at concerts, “studied” in the library and provided numerous pints of ice cream to one another during break-ups. I don’t think I could ever forget you, even if I tried.

We are all at a point in our lives where we are having to make the “big girl” decisions we used to talk about. Decisions about careers, serious relationships and whether or not we can really afford that $15 sweater online. It is weird not having you here in person with me. I miss you in the most random times. We both have two separate lives now. You have new friends whom you have grown to love and adore and I am so so so happy for you. I have come to learn that people are put in your life for either a reason or a season.

I know for a fact that extraordinary things are in all of our futures. Our friendship was so strong because we were all so devoted to not only one another, but our own separate passions too; passions that we are all currently pursuing in our own ways. In our friend group, we will have a future lawyer, physical therapist, ground-breaking doctor, fashion marketing genius (of course me), a realtor, an outstanding mom, the cutest wife…and that’s just the surface.

Keep doing what you are doing, because even though it may not feel like it, you are doing amazing, sweetie. I cannot wait to see how far you go. We have more memories to make in the years to come together, but for now, keep living the stories that you will tell me one day when we all meet up to catch up over Chick-Fil-A sandwiches.

Love you all to the moon and back,

Your best friend