Nine Things I Learned My Freshman Year

Freshman year is always an adventure for everyone, you will experience some of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Throughout my first year, I’ve kept a small list of important lessons I've learned as I navigated these new waters. This list reflects both the biggest and smallest lessons I have come to understand in my first year. Enjoy!

1. The freshman fifteen is real, but maybe not in the way you expect

My freshman year of college I experienced the opposite of a freshman fifteen, I actually dropped twenty pounds during my freshman year! The point is your body may change a lot during your first year of college. It can be weird and scary at times, just make sure you are taking care of yourself and try not to focus too much on appearances.

2. Nobody cares what you wear in college

Newsflash! They don’t! You can show up to class in anything from pajamas to overalls to gray sweats. Nobody is that focused on what you look like. Take advantage of this to play around with your style and see what you really like! It’s the perfect chance to explore new wardrobe combinations and find what you really like.

3. Boys are cool but they aren’t everything.

The term “sisters before misters” is a rule to live by. Boys will come and go in your life, some great some not so great. Cherish the friendships you have, especially your female ones! They are going to be the ones to be there for you through any boy in your life, make sure you don’t leave them behind. And make sure you don’t sacrifice your own happiness for a boy either. Know your self worth and stick with it.

4. You keep meeting people the entire time you’re in college

The girls you met the first week probably aren’t gonna be your best friends the entire year and that’s okay! You have so many chances to meet people and get to know a wide array of personalities. You never stop meeting people in college and it’s awesome.

5. Call your family

Going to college, I never thought I would be in as much contact with my family back home as I am. I call my mom everyday to talk to her. You don’t have to be that committed, but do try and check in every now and then! They’ll feel better knowing you’re doing okay, plus you get the comfort of home!

6. PLEASE use your Professor’s office hours

Office hours are amazing, guys. Find the simplest question you have and go in and talk to your professors. Once they know your name they are a lot more likely to be willing to help you out should the need arise.

7. Say yes to things out of your comfort zone

If someone invites you out to a random event or if someones asks if you can help with a random task – say yes! You never know where you will end up or who you can meet. Saying yes shows that you’re flexible and offers you a whole door of experiences you may not have gotten otherwise! Try and say yes to as many things as possible.

8. Eating alone does not make you weird

Unfortunately for some meals you will be eating alone and that is okay. It’s a part of life! Don’t sacrifice you getting nutrition for trying to eat meals with people.

9. College isn’t always fun

True story, I got a 69% on my first college exam (don’t worry I still managed to pull a B+ in the class!). The point is college isn’t always roses and honey. Take the bad parts in stride and know that they aren’t the end of the world and you will be fine! The good will always balance out the bad eventually. And don’t be afraid to get help if things are really bad.

Your first year of college is as amazing as you make it! Seek out the people and events that will make your year amazing! Don’t be afraid to do what you love.