My Menswear Style Crush: Sam Smith

English singer-songwriter Sam Smith has taken the music industry by surprise this past year with the release of his debut studio album The Lonely Hour, hitting the second spot on Billboard Hot 100. He has sold out music halls all over the world and has earned spots performing live on SNL and MTV’s Video Music Awards. Sam Smith is standing out for good and today I am featuring him as my menswear style crush. Listen to I’m not the Only One, Stay With Me and Leave Your Lover while reading for extra connection!

I first thought of Sam as a style innovator when he uploaded this picture on his Instagram account a couple months ago. I took a second glance at the photo because, what guy gushes over a new winter coat? Wait, what guy buys a fur-collared coat at all? —AND appreciates esteemed designers like the fabulous Vivienne Westwood? (Sadly, ladies, we have not found our prince charming—he is gay. Just our luck.) After this upload, I was hooked on Sam's sense of style and knew there was much more than this coat in his Dior bag of tricks.

As you see in all of the images, a well-fitted jacket is a staple in his closet. We all need a go-to piece, and Sam really sticks to his seemingly ‘owning a coat for every occasion.’

In his tour for The Lonely Hour, Sam will be sporting custom made Calvin Klein suits. In a recent interview about his chosen style for the upcoming tour, Sam said, "I also wanted to look classic, but look my age, yet at the same time, ageless." He added that Frank Sinatra was his fashion icon: "His style forced you to listen to his voice, but it was his clothes and style that helped make his music sound like dollar bills." Easy on the eyes and ears, Sam! (Again, I’m really upset he is not an eligible bachelor.)

Sam's revelations revealed on his brand of beauty and style...

“He wants to be remembered for his fragrance Blue De Chanel.

He wants his cross earrings to be his signature.

He will wear anything, as long as it is still identifiable as himself.

He will seldom wear jogger bottoms. (Stacy and Clinton would be so proud!)

He does patterns and prints, but solids are preferred.

His stylist has taught him that you always have to wear what you feel comfortable in, because it affects your mood, performance, everything.

For Sam – it's all about quality.”

Male or female, we can all learn something from his passion for style. Build your brand.

Who do you want to be remembered as? For Sam, it is a young Frank Sinatra, a legacy we could all stand to be a little more like.

For more fun fashion inspiration, be sure to follow Sam Smith on Instagram! @samsmithworld