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My Love Hate Relationship With Discount Stores

If you didn’t think there could be anything wrong with a discounted prices, then you’re wrong my friend. Although everyone loves a good deal on things, sometimes it isn’t as good as we think. In fact, sometimes it can turn us away in the future. Yeah sounds depressing right? I mean who wants to associate the words “bad” and “deal” together.  

Marshalls is the perfect example of a love hate relationship with discounted merchandise. It’s like a hit or miss sometimes. Usually, the reason that stores such as Marshalls, get discounted merchandise in the first place is because there was some type of manufacturing default with the product. Is that entirely true for every single thing present in the store? No. But chances are, if you buy an electronic product then you may want to keep the receipt. Depending on the store, also comes the annoying mess that customers create while shopping. It’s like you might as well shop for your items on the floor because that’s where the clothes are. Oh and let’s not talk about how you may have to return your item because it just completely breaks or tears after the first wear. 

Okay okay there’s a few reasons to keep the eye rolling going, but there are also reasons to keep going back. I mean who doesn’t LOVE a great discount!? Especially for things that you seen in other stores for much higher prices.  

In addition to lower prices, there’s often items that are not sold in other stores, so if you see something you like, get it while it’s there because if it’s that good it won’t be there the next time nor will it “restock”. Things that do have higher chances of restocking though, are the food and beauty products if the store has a section for the designated areas. So that’s always a plus .

I encourage discounted shopping at price reduced stores, just be sure to try before you buy! And keep those receipts!! 

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